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  • Mottled White Mailers Locking Tab

    When extra shipment Security is needed.
    50 per bundle

    • In stock.

  • ECT 32 - C Flute Corrugated Brown Trays
  • Die-Cut - Krafts

    200 lb Test mailers

    • In Stock
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  • Cohesive Single Face Corrugated Rolls


    • 250' per roll
    • B-Flute Corrugated
    • Make your own box
    • Weight approx. 1.2 lbs. per inch
    • Brown Recycled Kraft paper
    • Accepted by US Mail and UPS
    • Sheets or pads also available

  • Single Face Corrugated Rolls

    • 250 feet Per Roll in stock
    • Approx. wt. per roll - 1 lb/inch
    • Call us to find out how to ship 48" or larger by UPS.

  • Corrugated 200 Test Sheets (Pads)
  • Storage Files
  • One Piece Storage File

    Spec (ECT32) Kraft
    Shipped flat, Easy to Fold

  • Strapping & Edge Protectors

    Help avoid damage to products during shipment

    • Recycled plies of paperboard are laminated, treated and formed into right angles of exceptional strength.
    • Prevents steel & plastic strapping from cutting cartons and damaging contents.
    • Creates better tension transmission, resulting in a tighter, more stabilized load.
    • Greatly Improves stacking strength, the flow of stretch wrap around corners and the flow of strapping around your products.
    • Available in your choice of product thickness and length to suit your protection requirements.

  • Tote Boxes

    275 Test

    • Extra strong brown kraft color inside - White color outside
    • 5 Labor-Saving Sizes
    • Streamline your storage and inventory system the easy way: Use these economical, practical tote boxes.
    • Especially good for picking out orders, but can be used efficiently in a dozen different applications.
    • Durable - Built to last, these tote boxes will give you years of service.
    • Economical - Low in cost, they're shipped flat and assemble in seconds.

Deluxe Packages | Your Partners in Packaging since 1982 3M