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  • 3M Shipping Mate™ Labeling Adhesive

    Clear, fast-tacking aerosol adhesive securely bonds labels to metal, wood, glass, most plastics including stretch film, paper, cardboard and corrugated cartons and drums.

    • Good coverage.
    • Little residual tack

  • 3M Shipping Mate™ Case Sealing Adhesive

    Has strong carton-holding strength in just five minutes.

    • Fast holding strength.
    • Precise spray control.
    • Spreads smoothly.
    • Cures to an extremely strong bond.

  • 3M Shipping Mate™ Palletizing Adhesive

    Holds bags securely in place on pallets during storage and shipment.

    • Great for palletizing plastic shipping bags.
    • Bags separate easily with no bag tearing when unstacking.
    • Clear color.

  • 3M Super 77 Adhesive

    Versatile - features a secure, long-lasting bond on most light-weight materials.

    • High coverage, fast, aggressive tack and long bonding range.
    • Excellent for jobs in display and furniture.
    • Bonds thin decorative film, foils and fabrics.
    • Bonds gaskets in water pumps and attaches insulation to sheet metal.
    • Attaches wiring diagrams.

  • 3M High Tack 76 Adhesive

    Quick tacking adhesive - strongest one surface aerosol adhesive available.

    • Bonds many hard-to-hold materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene.
    • Bonds SBR rubber, fabric, felt, cardboard, cork, foil and plastic to themselves and to wood, metal and glass.
    • Features high temperature resistance.
    • Non-misting, precise spray control does not cavitate EPS foam.

  • 3M High Strength 90 Adhesive

    Great initial strength that builds up to 230 psi sheer strength.

    • Excellent for many decorative laminates.
    • Dries in 1 to 2 minutes.
    • Great adhesive for particle board.
    • Variable spray width and precise spray control.
    • Bonds laminates to tables, cabinets and shelving, kickplates to desks, and plastic sign lettering to wood.

Deluxe Packages | Your Partners in Packaging since 1982 3M