• Bubble Shipping Bags

    Lighter! Save on Postage!
    Sold by the case
    Self-Seal only
    Ships oversize rate
    Air Kraft® Ecolite™

    Outperforms all other air bubble shippers in burst, puncture and cushioning tests.

    Light Bubble cushioning has one of the lowest densities on the market, reducing packaging weights, packaging and shipping costs.

    100% Recycled Paper Attractive recycled golden kraft contains 100% recycled paper fibres. Usable depth of bag is approximately 1-1/2" less than the stated depth.

  • Floppy Disk Mailers

    Solid Fiber with Tear Strip

  • Floppy Disk Mailers
  • Padded Mailing Bags

    Ships Oversize Rate

  • Diecut Mailers

    Indestructo® Means Strength

    • Patented triple-fold on both sides
    • Lightweight
    • Crush-resistant protection
    • Stores flat and assembles without tape, glue or staples
    • More than 75 sizes in stock
    Serrated: All of our Die-cut cartons have serrated edges (wave rule) and provide a quality finish that helps prevent paper cuts.

  • Special Mailers

    • Designed for shipping; perfect for storage
    • Product protection; user convenience
    • Available in kraft where indicated

  • Front Locking Special Mailers

    • Side flaps for added security
    • SC fits sports and other collectable cards
    • CC-2 and CC-4 carrying cases come with plastic handles

  • Adjustodepth Bookfolds Mailers

    • Fast, economical book and literature mailer
    • Multiple scores provide needed size flexibility
    • Great for shipping framed pictures
    • Stores flat
    • Simple, easy to use design
    Die Cut : A cut made with special steel rule dies; The act of making an item which is cut or scored to shape by such tools.

  • Adjustodepth Bookfolds Mailers

    • Specifically designed for the storage and shipment of alternators and starters
    • Front locking closure for easy handling

  • Self Locking Tri-Tube Mailers

    • Easy fold and tuck-lock tabs for self closure
    • Store flat (100 stack in only 12" of space)
    • Will not roll on conveyors

  • tri-tube-mailer

    • Flat sides for automatic setup

  • Square Tube Mailers

    • Accommodate a wide range of items
    • Reclosable end flaps with self-locking tabs

  • Econo-Bin Boxes

    • Oil and grease resistant coating on the inside and outside
    • Fits standard shelving
    Unit : The number of pieces on a single pallet.

  • Audio Cassette and Compact Disc Mailers

    Mailers for Audio (CM), Compact Discs (CD) and Floppy Disk

    • Air cell pocket on both ends protect contents

  • Video Tape Mailers
  • Lightweight Tubes