• 3M 371 Scotch® Brand Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tapes
  • 3M Automotive Refinishing Masking Tapes
  • 3M Filament Tapes
  • 3M 5453 Premium Grade Teflon® Tapes

    Teflon® Tape protects heat sealing equipment.

    • Thick 8.2 Mil woven glass cloth backing impregnated with PTFE and silicone adhesive.
    • Provides a non-stick, low friction surface to save on clean-up time.
    • High temperature silicone adhesive provides protection and insulation for heat seal components.

  • 3M 1450 General Purpose Aluminum Foil Tape

    Provides water proofing vapor barrier and air leak protection.

    • Rubber based adhesive.
    • Great adhesion to steel.
    • Resistant to ultraviolet degradation, flame, moisture and many chemicals.
    • Helps reflect and dissipate heat.
    • Designed to protect heat sensitive components from damage and help maximize efficiency of heating and cooling.

  • 3M 33+ Scotch® Brand Premium Grade Electrical Tapes

    Black vinyl insulating tape for splicing.

    • Premium grade, all-weather vinyl insulating tape.
    • Excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acids and corrosion.
    • Aggressive adhesive and elastic backing conforms to irregular surfaces.
    • Electrical insulating properties provide primary electrical insulation for splices up to 600 volts.
    • Can be used in jacketing applications for high voltage cables and wire harnessing.
    • UL listed and CSA certified.

  • 3M Premium Grade Double Sided Foam Tapes

    3M 4032, 4016, 4008 & 4004

    • Premium Polyurethane Double Sided Tape has an acrylic adhesive that seals, cushions vibrations, resists impacts and insulates.
    • Adheres to most clean, dry, rough or smooth surfaces.
    • Resists heat up to 380º F. for short periods and 225º F for an extended time.
    • Use for your most demanding indoor or outdoor mounting applications.

  • 3M General Grade Double Sided Foam Tapes

    3M 4462 & 4466

    • Specially formulated for most indoor mounting and joining applications.
    • Extremely flexible Polyethylene Foam Tape features rubber adhesive.
    • Conforms to almost any surface.
    • Ideal temperature range is 70º F. - 100º F.

  • 3M Double Sided Film Tapes

    Industrial General Purpose

    • General purpose, conformable vinyl film with natural rubber adhesive.

  • 3M 924, 3M 969, 3M 928 Adhesive Transfer Tape Dispenser Rolls
  • 3M Jet Melt™ Glue Sticks

    Available in both Low-Melt and Hot-Melt technologies. Low-Melt is applied at 265º F. to bond heat sensitive substrates such as polystyrene foam.

  • 3M Poly Gun™ Glue Applicators
  • 3M Dual Lock™ Fasteners

    High Performance Strip
    Premium, self-adhesive interlocking plastic stem fastening system.

    • Can be opened and closed hundreds of times.
    • For securing heavier items.

  • 3M Label Protection Tapes
  • 3M Pouch Tape Rolls & Pads

    Pressure sensitive tape with a non-tacky, see through rectangular window.

    • Use to attach and protect shipping papers.
    • Excellent holding power.
    • Clear acrylic adhesive will not yellow.
    • Moisture and abrasion resistant.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Clean cutting. No adhesive build up on blades.
    • "Documents Enclosed" print.
    • No dispenser needed for Pouch Tape Pads.

  • 3M High Strength 90 Adhesive